November 3, 2021

sunExt Winter Garden

sunExt Winter Garden, is a fixed coverage system, ideal for forming porches and terraces in gardens, patios, garages, etc.

It is made of aluminum profiles and glass panels, polycarbonate panels or photovoltaic glass panels. It offers a bright space, where a large amount of natural light enters, on sunny days and protects from adverse conditions on rainy days, snow and even wind. Compatible for mountainous areas, rainy, shady and cool areas.

Assembly manual


Assembly options y maximum dimensions

sunExt Winter Garden is designed with an aluminum frame and glass or polycarbonate panels on the roof. It is made to measure, with the maximum dimensions for a module of: height: 731mm; width: 4.400mm; length: 4.005mm; fixed slope of water: 10,23º.

Besides we offer the posibility to choose between differents types of coverage, for instance:

For coverage dimensions, we recommend a maximum width of 800mm. There is available the option of inquiry if you want a different width than the recommended one.

Optional products

We offer the possibility to choose from a variety of automated systems:

  • Triangle side profile 1 side.
  • Triangle side profile 2 side.
  • Horizontal column.
  • Led lightning.
  • Led spotlight.
  • Rain and/or wind sensor.
  • Infrared heating.
  • Transmitter and central control.
  • Music and audio control system through bluetooth.
  • Smartphone control.
  • Additional power outlet.
  • Lateral closing systems:
    • Guillotine glass systems, composed of window sills and springs housed in the frame channel. It is a manual or automatic vertical sliding system that allows the user to close or open the sides of the pergola. For more information click here to display the catalogue.
    • Folding or sliding glass panels, made up of transparent glass panels. They will only be fastened at the top and bottom, in this way you can enjoy a clear panorama and your line of sight will not be interrupted by aluminum profiles.
    • Zip, roll-up rail system, composed of rainproof, windproof, easy-to-clean and tear-resistant waterproof materials.

Range of colour availables for structure

  • Textured White 9016.
  • Textured Grey 7016.
  • Textured Black 9005.
  • Off-white 1015.

*For more alternatives color, do not hesitate to contact us.

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